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Environmental Health Workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Posted over 3 years ago by Denise Souza

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The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments is pleased to announce two upcoming environmental health workshops! We are hosting these workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and all interested nurses, doctors, public health workers, and other health professionals are invited to attend.

Both workshops are free to attend, but we do need to know how many to expect. Details about both workshops is below, along with links for registration. I've also attached a flyer for the workshops, please feel free to use it to spread the word to colleagues.

Workshop Overview: Environmental health is an established practice domain for health professionals. These workshops explore the relationship between human health and our environment, including air (indoor and outdoor), water, food, and products. We will learn how environmental considerations are an important part of health assessments for individuals and communities by health care providers. Join us to understand the multi-disciplinary and multi-agency/sector roles in environmental health, and how they are critical to playing a successful role in protecting individuals and public health.

Continuing nursing/medical education credits are being pursued for this activity.