California El Camino Real Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Indicators of CA Worker Health Include Work-Related Asthma

Posted over 3 years ago by Barbara Burgel

"California's occupational health indicators are a collection of statistics that help measure the state of worker health in California. Researchers and others can follow the indicators over time, or in some cases compare them to findings from other states' and national data.

We track California employment demographics and 21 occupational health indicators, presenting the data on our website annually, starting with the year 2000.

Our new 2006-2011 report includes a new indicator for work-related asthma. It shows that in 2011, an estimated 42.5% of employed adults who currently have asthma (1,033,035 people) state that their asthma was caused or made worse by exposures at work." Here is the link: