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Dr. David Rempel's Retirement

Posted almost 4 years ago by Salena Quan

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Dr. Rempel put together an excellent symposium  of National Perspectives on Ergonomics.

​He presented speakers with personal first hand anecdotes of their struggles and triumphs in the development of the ergonomics field.  ​

Starting with​ a recap of​ the history of ergonomics​ in workplace design, in injury prevention, in the California legislature including in healthcare and on to ergonomics in developing countries.​  The agenda moved on to review the Built Environment and the successes and pitfalls of H&S culture programs.  And finally, the conclusion of a doctorate dissertation, "Prevention of Hand and Arm Injuries in the Workplace" by Carissa Harris-Adamson: to provide a safety culture that promotes positive reinforcement,rewards vs penalized behavior​, ​a balance of worker well being and performance​ is key in lowering repetitive motion injury rates. ​

All this has happened in the last 30 - 35 years.  Yep, we have all witnessed ergonomics evolve as a science!