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Link to Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Fires from ANHE

Posted 12 months ago

This is a link to a workshop  titled Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Fires provided by the Alliance of Nurses for a Healthy Environment

The Password to the recordings is: CA ANHE#3

CA ANHE Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Fires - Dr. Barbara Sattler (ANHE) and Marcy Ballman (American Lung Association)

The ANHE announcement email is below:


With the great number of fires that are currently raging in California and the whole western part of the country, we thought we would share a recording of a workshop we organized back on May 21st titled Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Fires.

 There were several speakers but what I am sharing is a presentation by Barbara Sattler PhD on Nurses' Roles: Air Quality and Fires. She talks about a tool where you can see what your air quality is, as well as, where there are currently fires, smoke advisories and alerts.  Dr. Sattler includes a link to the Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officials with factsheets that nurses can give to your patients to protect them from wildfire smoke.  And then she talks about preparing for wildfires such as what should be in your "go bag" and other useful information.

This is approximately 30 minutes. Then you can fast forward to about 40:00 minutes into the recording to an excellent presentation by Marcy Ballman PhD on Masks and Air purifiers where she shares the latest science regarding protective mask-use during bad air days - what masks are the best and what they protect us from."

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