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CECRAOHN Membership Survey Result and CECRAOHN Scholarship (AAOHN/CSAOHN Conference attendance)

Posted over 1 year ago in CECRAOHN Updates

Dear CECRAOHN Members,

CECRAOHN Membership Survey Results

The CECRAOHN Board appreciate your participation in the recent survey on the CSAOHN and CECRAOHN dual membership proposal. A total of 22 members responded and 73% voted for the mandatory dual membership change. CECRAOHN will collaborate with the CSAOHN to finalize the change. The change will require CECRAOHN Bylaws change accordingly. Please look for a Bylaws revision vote in near future.



I support a mandatory CSAOHN/CECRAOHN dual membership for $40/year ($20 CSAOHN, $20 CECRAOHN)



I do not support a dual membership. CSAOHN and CECRAOHN membership should stay as it is (à la carte). Members should be able to select CECRAOHN and CSAOHN separately.






CECRAOHN Scholarship (AAOHN/CSAOHN Conference attendance) deadline extended

The Board would like to remind you of the CECRAOHN Scholarship to support a member to attend AAOHN/CSAOHN Conferences. To apply for the scholarship, the application should be submitted at least two months before planned. This year, the Board decided to extend the deadline to April 1 for AAOHN Conference. For those who are interested, please check on the application information at the CECRAOHN website. 

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