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CECRAOHN Membership Survey Result and CECRAOHN Scholarship (AAOHN/CSAOHN Conference attendance)

Posted 11 months ago in CECRAOHN Updates

Dear CECRAOHN Members,

CECRAOHN Membership Survey Results

The CECRAOHN Board appreciate your participation in the recent survey on the CSAOHN and CECRAOHN dual membership proposal. A total of 22 members responded and 73% voted for the mandatory dual membership change. CECRAOHN will collaborate with the CSAOHN to finalize the change. The change will require CECRAOHN Bylaws change accordingly. Please look for a Bylaws revision vote in near future.



I support a mandatory CSAOHN/CECRAOHN dual membership for $40/year ($20 CSAOHN, $20 CECRAOHN)



I do not support a dual membership. CSAOHN and CECRAOHN membership should stay as it is (à la carte). Members should be able to select CECRAOHN and CSAOHN separately.






CECRAOHN Scholarship (AAOHN/CSAOHN Conference attendance) deadline extended

The Board would like to remind you of the CECRAOHN Scholarship to support a member to attend AAOHN/CSAOHN Conferences. To apply for the scholarship, the application should be submitted at least two months before planned. This year, the Board decided to extend the deadline to April 1 for AAOHN Conference. For those who are interested, please check on the application information at the CECRAOHN website. 

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