California El Camino Real Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Where are you voting?

Posted 4 months ago by Lori Wolfe

We are two days away from voting. Do you know where to go to vote? Follow this link to find your polling place!

According to California law, you are entitled to 2 hours off from work to vote, either at the beginning or end of your shift if the polls are not open when you are off work. Polls are open from 07-8pm. If you are in line by 8pm, you must be allowed to vote.

You must give your employer 2 days notice that you need time off to vote. Today is the last day for notifying your employer that you will need time off to vote. You must vote at the beginning or end of your shift.

If you did not register to vote, you may do so up until 8pm on November 6. Your vote will be provisional until your voting information is verified then your vote will be counted.