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Legislative Update

Posted 5 months ago by Lori Wolfe

August 31 marks the last calendar day bills can be sent to Governor Brown for approval or veto by September 30. A flurry of bills was sent to the Governor, many of them related to the #MeToo movement.  Highlights of these bills include:

  • a requirement for board of directors of public companies to have a minimum number of women (or those that identify as women) on a board
  • a lactation area with sink and refrigerator and a lactation policy
  • the right to receive a copy of pay statements, not just view them

A full review of the 12 sexual harassment related bills and all other can be found here;


SB 1320, Elder or dependent abuse victim confidentiality was enrolled on 09/11/18. This bill protects those abused from revealing their identities and home addresses, maintaining their privacy and ability to stay safe from their abusers.

The midterm elections are upon us, November 6, 2018,  with the Democrats hoping to capture the House on the Federal level. Four hundred and seventy seats in the U.S. Congress are up for election; 35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats. In California, voters will elect one member to the U.S. Senate, 53 members to the U.S Houseof Representatives, all eight states constitutional offices, all four members to the Board of Equalization, 20 members to the California State Senate, and all 80 members to the California State Assembly. Generally, voters are interested in the economy, health care, climate and the national debt.  

Climate change is on many peoples minds as California is experiencing the worst fire year in history and it is not over yet.  With funds running low from the state government, the future of fire fighting in California is being reviewed as the fire season extends from past normals. Smoke from these fires has affected the health of many this summer. A world wide demonstration regarding climate change was held this past weekend with San Francisco seeing the largest demonstration of over thirty thousand participants.

A review of the California propositions will be sent out next month before the November elections.