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We need your creative input on how best to recruit and retain new CECRAOHN members! Update!

Posted over 4 years ago by Barbara Burgel

Hello OEHN Colleagues:

CSAOHN is doing a think tank about creative ways to attract new members in California, and how best to retain our membership, and is requesting regional input prior to August 25, 2014. Please use this forum to post comments on how best to make membership a vital component of our professional lives. All posts prior to August 25th will be entered into a lottery (one entry per person; please try not to repeat an idea already posted), and one name will be chosen to win a $25.00 gift card to Whole Foods. Have fun thinking out of the box!!

Thank you in advance, CECRAOHN Board of Directors


Barbara Burgel over 4 years ago

From Pam Dannenberg, RN, MSN:
"Here are some thoughts (about recruiting and retaining members):

I look for opportunities to mentor people if they want that. For instance, I like to invite people to meetings, but I could also pay for one time to let them see what a meeting is like. I invite people to committee conference calls and meetings, when appropriate. I invite people to attend a legislative or regulatory meeting such as the Cal/OSHA Advisory Committee if they are interested in Government Affairs and how OHNs can influence legislative and regulatory bodies. I invite them to the annual conferences and let them know about the speakers and that they can get CEU's for attending.

Here are some other ideas:
- Sit with OHN's in a one-to-one setting and find out more about that person and what they are interested in.
- Think about who at your worksite may be interested in CECRAOHN and CSAOHN and attending conferences and meetings for professional growth.
- Think about who in professional groups that you attend may be interested in CECRAOHN and CSAOHN and tell them about these organizations.
- Talk about the networking and that people don't have to feel "alone" in this profession. I count on the support of others when I have an issue that I want more ideas about."

Stephanie Phelps over 4 years ago

I suggest we run a "refer three get one free" membership campaign. When you refer three OEHNs to CECRAOHN and they become members then you receive a one year CECRAOHN and/or AAOHN (preferably both) membership free.

Or students can attend CECRAOHN events for free so they learn about CECRAOHN and hopefully join upon graduating and become a part of the Board.

CECRAOHN could sponsor a lunch for OEH students and introduce them to CECRAOHN and the benefits of becoming a CECRAOHN member.

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