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Posted 6 months ago by Lori Wolfe

Voting in person will commence on Tuesday, June 5 at 8am. Polls will close at 8 pm. If you vote by mail, you may drop off your ballot at any voting precinct. Please vote!

Here are some voting metrics for the current election in the State of California:


  • Mailed: 11,594,699
  • Returned: 2,138,706
    • Democrats: 960,860
    • Republicans: 718,990
    • No Party Preference: 371,885
    • Other parties: 86,971

By ethnic designation (mailed/returned):

  • African-American: 330,916/55,581
  • Asian: 1,121,522/227,205
  • Latino: 2,299,782/282,492